Yin/Yang -Relationship Remedy

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YinYang is a gorgeous spicy mist with the beautiful old world notes of Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrhh, balanced with Clove, Cardamon and Bergamot to give a very special fragrance that is unisexual and extremely moorish.

This mist helps to balance out relationship emotions. Gardenia and Jasmine encourage communication, sensual joy and self love. Flannel Flower and Wisteria flower essences reveal enjoyment of touching and acceptance of ones own body and beauty. Dagger Hakea enhances forgiveness of old resentments and Red Helmet Orchid is beautiful for bonding. Bluebell and Wedding Bush create joy and gratitude for the present and allow any fear of lack of love to dissipate.

Yin/Yang is wonderful for use during celebrations and ceremonies, especially Weddings, Commitment, and any ritual that involves love, communication, connection and bonding. 

The Oral flower essence is also available by request for people and animals. It is fast acting and helps to create an environment of trust and harmony.


Mist: Moon-infused filtered water, alcohol, Colloidal Silver, Witchhazel.                                                      Essential oils - Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Clove, Cardamon, Bergamot, Rose, White Lotus, Goldenrod.                                                                                             Flower Essences - Bluebell, Boab, Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea, Flannel Flower, Gardenia, Jasmine, Old Man Banksia, Red Helmet Orchid, Wedding Bush, Wisteria.      Gem Essences/infusions - Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Smoky Quartz.

Suggested use- Spray around aura, chakras and feet. Breathe deeply. Pause. Use affirmation. Repeat regularly.

Be aware- Keep out of reach of children. External use only. Patch test first for skin. Not intended as a replacement for medical advice/treatment. Do not use if pregnant. Results may differ between individuals.