Your Oral Flower Essence

  • $20.00

The purchase of this custom remedy includes a brief DM or email consultation with Sara to decide which essences will be best for you at this time in your life. All custom remedies and mists can either be posted or picked up a couple of days later as they are made in the spiritual lab.

Sara does not claim to be psychic but is a spiritual facilitator and Angel Intuitive.

Her remedies of flower essences, crystals and essential oils can be specifically tailored for your own energy and emotional needs. With 30 years of experience with natural medicine, yoga and vibrational medicine, and 60 years of life experience, Sara can empathise with most situations.

Children and animals respond really well to flower essences and remedies for them are also available. 

Oral flower essences can be taken safely with any diet or any medication. They are usually made with a small amount of alcohol to preserve them but can be made without if requested. The shelf life for these however, is only two weeks. Dosage is 7 drops under the tongue twice a day. 

Please make sure you give email and phone details when signing up to the website so that you can be contacted.