Your Appointment-Cards. Consult. Custom. Includes remedy. Women only.

  • $50.00

This is a face to face consultation and card reading with Sara to decide which remedy, or custom remedy will be best for you at this time in your life. One remedy is included in this price. The consult and cards will take 45mins. The remedy or mist may be chosen if it is shop available. All custom remedies and mists can either be posted or picked up a couple of days later as they are made in the spiritual lab.

Sara does not claim to be psychic but is a spiritual facilitator and Angel Intuitive, helping you to trust your intuition, and showing you how to contact and understand messages from your loved ones, angels and guides.

Her remedies of flower essences, crystals and essential oils can be specifically tailored for your own energy and emotional needs. With 30 years of experience with natural medicine, yoga and vibrational medicine, and 50 years of life experience, Sara can empathise with most situations.

To make an appointment, please send a txt message to 0414977399 with your details or DM through instagram @magickmists. Payment can be made here before consultation once the appointment is made.

An online booking system is being created for the future.

Unless your child is the patient, It is recommended that children under 10 are left home for the consultation as it can be an emotional session and full attention is required. Childrens flower essences are available and can usually be prescribed in a 15 min session at a reduced rate.