Protection Pack

Energy and aura cleansing, and chakra balancing box.

Packed full of products for lifting vibrational frequency, grounding to earth, cleansing aura and space of negative energy, and balancing and aligning chakras.

Wonderful for space clearing in any room or dwelling to rid of negative energy and entities. Mist Armour around aura for protection, and use Rainbow Chakra for chakra balancing all around each chakra. Use with affirmation card. Visualise white light, and breathe deeply.

Contains- Armour Mist, Armour Potion, Rainbow Chakra Mist, Rainbow Chakra Potion, Large Black Tourmaline Crystal, and Palo Santo Stick or Sage (depending on availability.) This Box is Reiki infused and protected with the energy of Archangel Michael.

Use as described for individual products, but working together they may provide the full spectrum of protection and balance.

Keep out of reach of children, crystal chips in bottles. If irritation occurs discontinue and contact us.