Our Products
Magick Mists are Angelic Auric essences made from flowers, plants, crystals, reiki and moon energy which gently improve the vibrational energy pathways of the body, aura and chakras.

They work on the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies to create subtle positive changes to these pathways, healing past traumas and giving recognition that we are light beings having a human experience, connected to all life throughout the universe.

Magick Mists release courage to find our gifts here on earth and to move forward in a positive way to realise our full potential. They help us to remember who we really are and break the cycle of ancestral damage that is holding us back.

Fear can become love, and darkness can become light. We can fulfil our destiny.

Angel Inspired - Angel Intuitively Connected
Reiki Infused - Protection symbols and Prayers
Gem Essences - Crystals charged from the full moon
Flower Essences - Australian Bush Flower & Sacred Flower Essences
Essential Oils - Therapeutic grade. 
Moon Water - made on the full and new moons with purified water.
Alcohol, Colloidal Silver and Witch Hazel as preservatives.


Sara Mulholland- creator

Sara is a qualified Naturopath, Aromatherapist, Flower essence therapist, Reiki therapist, Herbalist, Yoga teacher, Vibrational energy therapist, Crystal therapist and Angel Intuitive. She has studied natural medicines, yoga and energy therapy for 30 years and this product is a combination of all she has learned. She also creates custom mists and oral flower essence remedies for those whose problems lie outside the standard line.

Married for 25 years with two healthy and stable sons, life experience has taught her how important mental and emotional health support is everyday. The mist line was born when a family member took his life and Sara felt the need to help others with grief, loss and healing of trauma. This has grown into the life support range that now exists. Some profits go to mental health and suicide prevention.

Magick Mists products come with an affirmation to help the Mist heal and/or protect. It helps manifest the desired life, so place where it can be regularly seen. Mists need to be sprayed many times a day and given a minute to align. The difference may not be noticed immediately but a change will occur over time. A calm may come over the emotions and heaviness in the aura lifts. Physical symptoms have been known to heal over time when the past trauma is overcome.


Not intended as a replacement for medical advice/treatment. Results may differ between individuals. While flower and crystal essences are safe, essential oils may not mix with medications. Allergies are possible even with natural medicines. Contains alcohol and crystal chips. If adverse reactions occur discontinue. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 12 month shelf life.