Emergency-Trauma Tonic Roller

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Emergency essence inspired and created with Archangels Azrael and Michael.

This beautiful scented oil contains heart chakra and calming crystals, flower essences for gentle energy support and raising vibration, and 18 organic therapeutic essential oils for emotional support.

It has been designed to support shock, trauma and grief in the acute stages as well as relief for anxiety, panic attacks, stress and fear. Helps support depression and anxiety over time by raising vibrational frequency to remember joy.

Spray near the face and inhale deeply, above head and let rain down around like angel wings. Focus particularly on the heart chakra.

Keep in a handbag or near when leaving the house. Take when travelling.

Use liberally at least 3 times a day. Acute stages- use every 15-30 mins for 2-5 days.


Coconut oil
Gem essences - Rhodonite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, Rhodochrosite, Hematite.
Flower essences - Persian Silk Tree, Banksia, Native Violet, Passionfruit Flower, Red Rose, Pink Frangipani
Essential Oils -Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, Orange, CitrusHystrix, Blue Cypress, Davana, Jasmine, German Chamomile, Rose, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint, Lemon, Ocotea, Blue Tansy, Cedarwood, White Lotus.

Suggested use- Spray around aura/chakras. Use potion on chakras, wrists and feet. Breathe deeply. Pause. Use affirmation. Best results: Chronic-3x day for at least one month. Acute- every 15-30 mins for 2-5 days.

Be aware- Keep out of reach of children. External use only. Patch test first.Not intended as a replacement for medical advice/treatment. Do not use while pregnant. Results may differ between individuals.

Disclaimer- This remedy is support, it does not replace medical advice. Please seek professional help if symptoms persist.

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